• ​​​Personalized Solutions. ​We take the time to develop an in - depth understanding of your property and your unique needs, budget, and timeline
  • Communication. We convert complex property issues into step by step simple explanations so that you understand what we're doing and why
  • Long-term results. ​Our results will work for you and your property long-term, with a meticulous commitment to craftsmanship - we do not take shortcuts

  • On average we save our clients 10 - 15% of their original budget
  • Integrity and Trust. ​ Relationships come first - based upon care to your personal needs, dedication, and honest estimates with transparent project plans. Always
  • Cost Savings of 10 - 15%. ​ We recommend creative approaches to the project that saves clients money wherever possible - including decreasing maintenance costs

MHR brings over 30 years of experience providing expert property solutions with integrit​y

  • We deliver superior depth and breadth of knowledge and care to each of our projects - providing: